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Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues,

I would like to explain you why I’m posting a lot of documents about aromatherapy and phytotherapy. If you do not understand French, it will be difficult for you to follow me, but I can try to post sometimes in English.

I’m not sure of the exact denomination in English for my certificate, but I am now an aromatherapist and a phytotherapist.

I’m still working as a consultant for my company and during my nights and week-ends (holidays, days off also) I work as aromatherapist and phytotherapist.
It was not an easy decision to take and before beginning my trainings, I’ve asked my boss if he approved my choice. He did it and I’m happy, I could not begin without informing him.

I’m not sure to find words to tell you how difficult it was for me to decide myself, but now I’m really happy, I follow my personal project and now, I’m doing a passion.

I’m also learning aromatherapy and phytotherapy for pets, but I’m not yet certified. Next step : Naturopathy, but it will be very long and expensive also…

If you would like to contact me you can Contact me.

You can of course also have a look on Facebook

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